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わがままでいいじゃない 指先は♪

「いいじゃない 攻めてるみたい」♥♪


Moi ♪
→ Kayori // loves her pony, loves Kazuki more than anything, hearts Hello Kitty, has anger issues, misses her nanny (r.i.p), loves ice cream, adores Reita, always procrastinates, is single, is bisexual, easy to please, speaks decent Japanese, is German blood, loves food, loves cooking, is a fighter, hard headed by far, hates summer, loves anime, Sasori is my life, wants to experience being a cannibal, loves to write, makes not-so-good graphics, sings, wants a pet piranha && could live off love

I got married to 和己 04/26/10
For You ♪
I offer a fan fiction requesting post, the link is [here], and will offer a full set of details for requesting. The post is there for guidelines, and to keep my other posts clutter-free. Although, I can't stress this enough, please don't request if you don't like my writing, please, save us both the hassle.

The fan fiction archive can be found [here].

Requests are now being taken, thanks!
Graphics ♪
Communities ♪
I have a lovely little graphics community called Creative Molder. I take requests for graphics such as icons and profile layouts, and will be adding tutorials in there eventually (I'm taking ideas now). I always take icon and banner requests, so don't be shy! I love new challenges!

Requests are open.
→ Gaze Claim
→ SCREW Claim
→ Alice Nine Claim

All are ran by myself and are all up-to-date on claims made my members. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me here. :3

Communities I co-mod: &

愛 し て る 和己
愛 し て る 和己
愛 し て る 和己